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Auto Assault Vehicles


To put it simply, your vehicle is your weapon. You can get of out your car and roam around, but only in towns and cities. You can have multiple vehicles, and they're stored as keys (or ignitions) in your cargo space or in your locker. For a more personal experience, you can even name your vehicle. At the present time, a cockpit view is not available but is being considered by developers. You can also customize your car with "Tricks and Trims". Those are elements such as fins and spoilers (tricks) or paint jobs and stencils (trims) applied to your vehicle.

Hardpoints on Your Vehicle

A hardpoint is equipment on your vehicle that can be changed or modified. Typically, how many hardpoints that are on a vehicle is also porportional to its size. Normal hardpoints include:

Melee - Non-ranged weapon to use in close combat

Front Weapon - Ranged weapon mounted on the front of your vehicle

Powerplant - Also known as the engine

Ornament - Usually aesthetic but sometimes enhances the chassis

Turret Weapon - Typically located at the top of the vehicle, fires in any direction

Tires - Enhance performance on different surfaces

Armor - The staple of your defense

Rear Weapon - This is usually used to expel different items used to deter pursuit

Ignition - Essentially the key to the vehicle which is used to store your vehicle

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