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Auto Assault Player vs Player

There are a few different ways one can participate in Player versus Player (PvP) engagements:


In this format, you can battle other factions by yourself or with a group (sometimes you may even have to fight your own faction) in a number of different objectives such as sieges or area defense. You gain score by destroying other vehicles and obviously, the team with the highest score at the end of the game wins. There are also random power-ups you can acquire during the arena match can that benefit you or your convoy. It can include anything from instantly repairing your vehicle, to just down-right putting out more damage.

Ladder ranks will also be posted on the Official Auto Assault Website as well, Auto Assault plans to have huge 64 team brackets. And like all other highly competitive games, a form of observer mode will be implemented.

Non-Arena PvP

In certain areas of the world, it is a PvP Free-For-All (of course, you can't kill people from your own faction). These areas are not patrolled or policed by enemy factions such as the Thugz or the Derelicts.

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