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Privacy Policy

As our official privacy policy, we will always work to protect your personal information, including but not limited to email addresses, names, locations, IP addresses, and game account names.

In the event of a contest where it becomes necessary to obtain your personal information, that information will either be destroyed after it is no longer necessary or stored in a secure, non-electronic place for your future use in contests if it is necessary to do so.

While we are not responsible for information that you make publicly available on the forum, we will always work to protect your privacy. In the case where local, national, or international law becomes an issue, any of your information will be kept confidential except that information that is specifically required by law. In some extreme cases, we will release appropriate information as we see fit.

As the final addendum to our official privacy policy, we promise never use x-ray or CAT Scan survelience equipment on your house or person at night. Our founders and official staff are prohibited from the use binoculars to peer in through your room windows during the hours of three and four P.M. on tuesdays and thursdays during the winter season.

We reserve the right to change any or all parts or the privacy policy at any time without warning or notice, and those changed policies will apply retroactively. By using or viewing our site in part or full, you agree not to sue us for any reason.

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