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Auto Assault Other Concepts


Communication in Auto Assault can be done a few different ways. You can contact people via text channels in-game. What that means is that you'll be able to talk to only your Convoy, clan or someone in particular (private messaging). Also there are local channels, which everyone in the area can access, as well as trade channels.

Auto Assault also includes the ability to use Voice Chat (using a microphone) in-game. You are able to communicate with members of your Convoy (maximum of 8 people).


The currency in Auto Assault is represented in different levels. It's lowest denomination is the Clink, then 1000 Clink is a Scrip (its in-game graphic represents something similar to paper money), then 1000 Scrip is a Bar (looks alot like gold bars) and finally, 1000 Bar is a Globe (ressembles a green sphere). These currencies are universal through all the races.


NetDevil doesn't belive in incorporating death penalties such as loss of experience or items, instead, they opt for a different route. Once your vehicle is destroyed, it can be repaired on the spot by an ally or you can use specific consumable items. If not, you can call for an Airlift back to your last repair station and spend time being repaired there. And we're not talking about 10 minute waits either, repairing usually takes 10-15 seconds so you're not out of action that long.


Auto Assault allows both the solo player and the group-concentrated player to have fun, and that means, you won't always need a group to accomplish missions. Convoys are known as the temporary parties you'd form in towns to venture off and complete a mission or just tear things up. Clans are an affiliated group to which you belong in-game. When grouped, experience and money are split equally amongst members of the convoy. Item are assigned to random members of the party when they drop. Difficulty of the maps are adjusted according to the levels the convoy is consisted of.

Hazard Mode

This tranformation temporarily creates a much more powerful version of your vehicle. For the duration of Hazard Mode, your skills and weapons are disabled but you instantly become a killing machine. The abilities that you have while in Hazard Mode depend on the Hazard Kit installed on your vehicle. The kit also determines the length and how you'll have to charge it up.

Instanced Areas and Persistent Zones

The game features both instanced areas as well as persistent areas. Persistent areas are public areas where at any one time, there can be 100 people around you. The highways are good examples of Persistent Areas. Instanced areas are areas all to yourself, or to your party, where no other person can interrupt whatever you're doing.

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