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Auto Assault Factions & Classes - Mutant

Auto Assault Mutant Information


Mutants use their skills in Contamination control to become masters of their enviroments. They call upon religous powers and mutant abilities to deliver attacks, repair vehicles, and buff allies.



Mutant Champions wield heavy assault vehicles and use their ability to manipulate the Contamination to protect their own vehicles from contaminants, enhance munitions, and repair damage. Champions can also draw upon the "Ursa Temper" to raise morale and execute attacks.

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Shamans manipulate the Blood that is integrated into their vehicles, allowing them to heal and protect their allies, restore destroyed vehicles, or create tradable items from wreckage. Shamans can also manipulate the Contamination to change their attacks' appearances, execute spiritual attacks, and spawn "phase-formed" mutated creatures on command.

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Archon are the Mutants' religious military leaders. They can single out opponents, give large defensive buffs, attack using atmospheric shockwaves, and create Contaminated creatures at will. These creatures follow the will of the Archon, and can be very dangerous to vehicles and structures.

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Avengers become dangerous opponents when using the Blood to generate explosive blasts to deflect heat damage, increasing a vehicle's overall speed, and reducing an enemy's resistance to harm. Avengers can increase their allies' combat abilities by negating the enemy's willpower and utilizing various Phaseform abilities. The “Insecta Spirit” allows them to summon mutated insects that can restrain vehicles, relay observations, reduce wasteland junk to usable Blood. The Avengers' special ability is blending into the environment by using biological camouflage.

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Important Locations:

Tocado - the most famous Mutant city
Western Front

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