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Auto Assault Items & Loot


Loot is your main source of crafting materials and items in Auto Assault, you can salvage loot from enemies (whether it be on-foot infantry, or vehicles) and from nearly anything else in the Auto Assault world. This includes animals, buildings, trash and even regular props (such as fences). Examples of loot include parts for your vehicle (armor or turrets) or crafting materials such as duct tape. All loot is generated dynamically, and what that means is that several statistics on the item are randomized so the odds of finding the same item on someone else is impossible. Also, there will never be a "best setup" as items will frequently have their strengths and weaknesses. Loot is also a source of currency.


Vehicle will always have a cargo compartment, of course, the size of this cargo space is very dependant on the size of your vehicle. You'll no doubt be able to carry more in your van than on a motorcycle. In towns, you will have a locker (a storage area). This storage is universal and is identical no matter what city you're in.


The crafting system may seem complicated at first. When you salvage an item, it can be refined into something better or even deconstructed into simpler materials. Even something as simple as Duct Tape has several levels of refinement.

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