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Auto Assault Factions & Classes - Human

Auto Assault Human Information


As the least physically gifted race, Humans must use their technological advancements to stay ahead of the competition.



Commandos dominate the human attack ranks by having access to the heavier vehicles and weapons while wielding the capability to raise morale and boost their allies' performance and enhanced their weapon and defensive systems.

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Engineers salvage enemy vehicle parts to advance their own research. During combat, Engineers use "beam generators" that have a variety of uses from de-buffing enemies, disrupting weapons fire, and damaging enemies directly.

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Lieutenants act as the Human battlefield leaders by creating and executing plans of attack, helping coordinate allies, and calling on support through helicopter gunships, artillery barrages, air-dropped defensive turrets, and miniature mercenary tanks. During combat, Lieutenants use their psychic abilities to buff allies and harm enemies. Lieutenants can also summon various forms of support.

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Bounty Hunter:

Bounty Hunters act as the Human's spy center and rely mainly on their ability to avoid detection and deliver assasinations to make their way. They utilize their race's technology to blind enemies, study opponents, and hide themselves with invisibility shields and extensive smokescreens.

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Important Locations:

Hestia Back Range - Basic Training

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