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Auto Assault Glossary and Lexicon

Airlift - Airlifts are responsible for respawning and transportation to specific world map locations.

Bars - Currency worth 1000 Scrip. Also referred to as chunk or heavy metal.

Biomeks - A race of highly evolved mechanical and biological beings, initally created by the Humans to combat Mutants in hazardous zones.

Blood - Pure liquid contamination often used by Mutants.

Buff - To enchance the performance of yourself or an ally by temporarily increasing an attribute or giving a special bonus.

Cargo - The storage and inventory space on a vehicle.

Chassis - The vehice's main framework.

Clan - A group of players, usually organized under a leader with hierarchal rankings. See: Guild.

Clink - The most common form of money in Auto Assault comprised of coins from the pre-apocolypse era. 1 coin is equal to 1 clink. Also referred to as change or rounders.

Contamination - The radiation responsible for the Mutants' genetic mutation. Liquid contamination is religously referred to as "Blood" by Mutants

Convoy - A temporary grouping of up to eight players of the same race that want to accomplish a common goal, such as a mission or raid.

De-buff - To disable or hinder your enemy's performance by either causing harm (slow, crippe, etc.) or removing a positive buff.

Episode - A major storyline within the Auto Assault world.

Exit - Instanced mission-specific maps that are only accessable by the convoy that started the map.

Factions - Non-Player group "nations" within the Auto Assault world. Pikes and Thugs are example factions.

Globes - Currency worth 1000 Bars. Also referred to as glows, sparks, or marbles.

Guild - A group of players, usually organized under a leader with hierarchal rankings. See: Clan.

Hard Points - Available slots on a chassis where the player can install specific pieces of equipment.

Hard Target - A locked on, individual target, usually intended for focus fire from a large group. Also referred to as "called targets."

Hazard Mode - Alternate combat mode where a player's chassis undergoes a short-term transformation to maximize firepower. Hazard mode is activated through the use of hazard kits. Each race has a different kind of hazard mode.

Highways - Laned roads that connect most major locations. Often traversed by NPC factions.

Humans - The unchanged race of humans that survived the Contamination and later emerged from the Ark.

Infantry - The bulk grunt workers of non-player factions. Infantry, even in large numbers, are usually considered easy targets.

Locker - A permanent storage facility accessible only when a player is in town.

Mutants - A race formed as a result of the genetic mutations in humans due to the radiation from the Contamination.

Ninja Bossing - Stealing a player's Boss kill after the other player has done most of the work or has intended to kill the Boss by himself.

Ninja Looting - Stealing a player's "loot" after their assigned time has run out..

Refinery - Facilities located in large cities where players can refine commodities.

Scrip - Currency worth 1000 clink.

Soft Target - Any potential target within a given TacArc. This means if the weapon or skill that the TacArc represents fires, there is a chance that a soft target will be hit with it.

TacArc - Short form for "Tactical Arc." The TacArc is a holographic projection used by a player to determine what enemies to target, at what range and with what weapons.

Trick - Cosmetic additions that can be added to chassis that are purely ornamental and do not effect gameplay. (Do it for the ladies)

Trim - A custom paint stencil used to customize a vehicle's chassis's appearance.

Wraith - A term to describe the Mutants' ghostly looking hazard modes.

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