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Auto Assault Factions & Classes - Enemies

Auto Assault Enemies Information

The Corps (The Free Civilian MilCorps)

Leader: General Nostos
Appearance: Forest Green, Khaki Brown, White Stars
Vehicles: Old Utility Transports, Tanks, Helicopters
Locations: An unused military base near Hestia’s Ark I site.
Bio: Self-regulated militias found in patrols with medics with healing capabilities.


Leader: Unknown
Appearance: Nothing uniform
Vehicles: Old World Big Rigs, Long Haulers, Mobile Radio Platforms, Motorcycles, Assault Tanks
Locations: Highways
Bio: A group of product transporters that control parts of the highways and turn profits through charging tolls and transporting goods.


Leader: Unknown
Appearance: Nothing uniform
Vehicles: Unknown
Locations: Unknown
Bio: A cross race of Mutant organics and Biomek technology known to be irrational.


Leader: Master Fracto
Appearance: Nothing uniform
Vehicles: Unknown
Locations: Rusted Ridge
Bio: Biomeks-in-waiting that make their way dangerously close to the rapidly growing Human cities.


Leader: Benno the Smasher
Appearance: Bandannas, Low-Cut Clothign
Vehicles: Unknown
Locations: Frequently clustered at varied locations.
Bio: A group of thugs and gangsters that protect their homes and "turf," commonly known to be obsessed with drugs and vehicular sound systems.

The Paynes

Leader: Unknown
Appearance: Unknown
Vehicles: Trucks
Locations: Fetid Bayou
Bio: Apocolypse survivors that reside around the Fetid Bayou.


Leader: A Master CPU
Appearance: Red, Glossy Black
Vehicles: Harassers, Drone Helicopters, Assimilated Foreign Vehicles
Locations: Central Wastelands
Bio: Non-organic, AI-controlled robots that are bent on destroying all organic life.

Pike Duster

Leader: Unknown
Appearance: Patchy Strung Together Appearance, Amalgamated Armor Plating, Skulls and Pickaxe Ornaments
Vehicles: Dusters, Pike Bikes (Hitmen)
Locations: Highways
Bio: Religious miners that can often be found digging in the earth to to be near their "buried prophet."

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