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Auto Assault Character Development


There are four attributes in Auto Assault: Combat, Tech, Theory and Perception. Each character starts off with specific attributes (which are predetermined by what class you play). As you level, you gain 2 attributes per level. The traits for each attribute include:

Combat - This affects your weapon's accuracy and the damage inflicted by your vehicle.
Tech - Attribute related to how well you to repair yourself in addition to other players.
Theory - Influences the player's special power and mental capabilities.
Perception - This attribute affects the chance your player will score a critical hit, your ability to take damage, and your detection skills.


Like most RPG's, there's an importance placed on levels. You gain experience from missions as well as defeating enemies. As you level up, you're able to use better equipment on your vehicle while you gain access to higher level missions and skills. NetDevil hasn't released an actual level cap for Auto Assault, but infact, there is one in the game. As well, Auto Assault will not come short when it comes to end-game challenges, PvP (Player versus Player), unique loot and arenas.


As your character levels, it will have to opportunity to select new skills. Each race has its own fairly unique skillset and these skills' potential increases as time goes on and as when you level. Skills can do anything from benefitting your fellow convoy members, taking control over organic and in-organic lifeforms, repairing your allies, improving your yield from wreckage or simply giving you an edge in firepower on the battlefield. Currently, respeccing (the ability to change what skills you've invested in later on in the game) is not supported, but the developers hope to include it.

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