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Auto Assault Factions & Classes - Biomek

Auto Assault Biomek Information


Biomeks use their mechanical advantages to become the most versatile race and extend their reach as far as they can.



Terminators are the Biomek's attack powerhouses. They can use heavier assault vehicles and have tougher defenses while using their special abilities.

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Constructors use pieces of scrap and junk to utilize the Biomek's "nanotechnology," which enables them to create useful items from random wreckage, repair damaged or destroyed vehicles, and create swarms of nanobots to be used for either defensive or offensive purposes in combat.

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Master Mind:

Master Minds use their intelligence to assist their allies by determining the strengths and weaknesses of enemies, help team-mates fight better, increase communication ranges, hack into opponent's intelligence systems, and create robot armies of various sizes and composures.

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Agents' primary roles are to observe the enemy through the use of faster vehicles, anti-detection, combat skills, and recon drones, which can be commanded to fly over dangerous locations and transmit data while keeping the Agent safe from harm. The Agents' combat abilites enable it to debuff enemies and use wreckage to give themselves tactical bonuses.

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Important Locations:

Fort Logan
Half Moon Hill

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